Q1: Don’t Produce hot mist


Please note that this humidifier can produce hot mist, but it cannot guarantee to warm up your surroundings, which is related to the weather and the size of the space. Please touch the "SSS" icon, and the "SSS" icon will appear on the LCD screen, that is, the warm mist mode is turned on. It takes a certain process for the mist to heat up. Please wait for 2-10 minutes, and the warm mist will start to spray out. If you put your hand on the mist outlet and you can feel the mist is hot, it means that the hot mist function is normal. Yes, if the fog at the fog outlet is not hot, please contact us with your video or pictures.


Q2: Are there any tips need to be paid attention to?

A: There are some tips need to be attention to:

  1. Please add the essential oil to the tray in the base, don't add it directly to the tank.
  2. Please cover the air outlet to protect the components when you clean the base.
  3. Please remember to take away the foam in the base for protecting the float during transportation.
  4. If the output mist starts to sink, it means the humidity of the environment has reached saturation, at this time, you can turn it off to avoid dampness.


Q3: When does the humidifier turn off automatically? Can I turn it off?

A: If you turn on the preset humidify setting, this humidifier will automatically stop working when the ambient humidity reaches your preset humidity, and it will automatically resume working until the ambient humidity drops below your preset humidity.

If you want to keep humidifying all the time, please touch the "A" icon several times, until the mode of "--" to stop this function of automatically turning on and off the humidification, and the humidifier can keep humidifying all the time.


Q4: E2 Code error:


Firstly, please pour out the water in the tank.

Secondly, Please press the small hole spring at the bottom of the water tank up and down to check whether the water inlet valve is stuck. Please refer to the attachment for the specific small hole spring position.

If there is no problem with this water inlet valve and the E2 code error is still displayed, please let me know.


Q5: The product will not be on all the time.


It will automatically turn off at your target humidity, and it will turn back on automatically when the surrounding humidity is below your target humidity.

If not the problem above, could you please let me know more detail? So we can give you a satisfactory solution.


Q6: Leaking


It may be caused by the fact that you did not take out the foam in the base(Please see the attached file).

Please pick up the water tank and take out the foam next to the float in the base before using it. This foam is designed to protect the machine not to be accidentally trigged during transportation.

If it is still not working. Kindly take a video or photo for our further analysis. We will try our best to support you.