Q1:There is no mist or the lights can be turned on normally but there is no mist


  1. There may be a problem that the blue floater in the pipe could get stuck after refilling, please take out the floater, place the blue silicone side up back into the tube, then drop it into the tube, so the floats could be on top of the water, and work properly. Please see the attachment for the correct orientation of the float.
  2. If it is not the above problem, please check whether the water level exceeds the maximum level, please make sure that the water level of the water tank does not exceed the maximum water level allowed

Q2: Consult the installation of the blue float:


If the blue rubber come out, please follow the below:

  1. Unscrew the rotatable nozzle carousel;
  2. Put the blue silicone end up and the other end down into the pipe, you can check the attachment; 3. Press the rotatable nozzle carousel back into the pipe connection.


Q3:The blue float melts:


  1. Ask the customer to take a video or picture to confirm that the float in the pipeline has melted and send a new one to the customer.
  2. At the same time, remind customers to pay attention to keep the float in pipeline float to the level of the pipeline during normal use, and not let it get stuck in the pipeline.
  3. If the float is stuck in the pipe, please clean the residue on the surface of the float regularly, and shake the float to ensure it can float normally in the water.